Indy Mayor’s annual bike ride travels down CMT-designed bike paths

JUL 3, 2012: CMT’s bike path designers have been in high demand from communities that are “going green.” On June 2, our Indianapolis team was able to enjoy the fruits of its labors when staff members took part in the 4th Annual Mayor’s Bike Ride, a nine-mile route that covered bike lanes CMT designed on Shelby Street and Madison Avenue.

“The Mayor of Indianapolis (Greg Ballard) has initiated an ambitious bike route expansion plan and CMT has been a growing part of that initiative. We’ve also introduced the “cycle track” in Indianapolis, a bike lane that is physically separated from vehicles” said CMT’s Richy Condre.

Seven employees from our Indianapolis office, along with family members and friends, took part in the ride that also passed another CMT-designed project, the curb, sidewalk and drainage improvements along Carson Avenue.

“It was important for our office to have a presence because the mayor chose a project designed by CMT for this year’s ride to showcase the expanded bike lane facilities in Indianapolis,” Condre added.

Throughout the Midwest, CMT has been involved in the “complete streets” movement that encourages the use of bike paths as cost-effective and environmentally-friendly transportation options for local roads. In addition to bike paths, we recently led the Georgia Street Reconstruction project that repurposed the downtown Indianapolis street to better accommodate pedestrians and civic events, resulting in revitalization and increased livability in the urban area.

In all of the markets that we serve, CMT is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to communities and clients so that they can enjoy the environmental benefits, along with the lower life-cycle costs that often can be realized.


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