CMT Elects Board of Directors and Officers for 2014

FEB 11, 2014: Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. (CMT) elected its Board of Directors at its annual meeting on February 8. CMT would like to thank these employees for their leadership and dedication to the firm.

  • Daniel R. Meckes,Chairman, President and CEO
  • Michael J. Doerfler, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Bernard D. Held, Senior Vice President and Human Resources Officer
  • Louis H. Dixon, Senior Vice President and Treasurer
  • William L. Bailey, Senior Vice President and Secretary
  • Bruce L. Jacobson, Senior Vice President
  • Thomas W. Roy, Chief Financial Officer
  • Kevin D. Nelson, Vice President
  • Raed A. Armouti, Director

In addition, the following individuals were elected as officers:

  • Roger A. Austin, Vice President
  • Steven K. Schroll, Vice President
  • Chuck E. Taylor, Vice President
  • Brian R. Welker, Vice President

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