Airfield Pavements

From routine maintenance to major repairs, maximizing the life of pavements is crucial to the business of any airport. Effective pavement management practices are integral to this process and cover a wide-range of activities, including condition evaluations, program development, project design, and maintenance policies. A national leader in airfield pavements, CMT offers a Practical Pavement Management Process that provides comprehensive evaluation capabilities, combined with real-world pavement design experience, to deliver an efficient and implementable program. Each plan goes beyond cookie-cutter methods and provides expert analysis into funding, operation parameters and other airport capital needs. The result is a credible airfield program and management tool that is tailored to your specific situation. Our airfield-focused designers bring innovative and cost-effective rehabilitation/repair solutions to meet your project specific goals.

PCI & PMS Expertise
Traditional pavement management systems provide a much-need overview of current pavement conditions, but often leave clients with large quantities of data that don’t readily translate to real-world solutions. CMT’s practical approach to pavement management works this data into an implementable program that will allow you to hit the ground running. Our nationally-recognized pavement experts provide you with specific recommendations for rehabilitation projects that will maximize investment and minimize impact to operations, while also identifying pavements in critical need of repair.

Airport Capital Improvement Program Development
We regularly works with airports to develop their Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) in consideration of pavement conditions, location and size of projects, available funds, and airfield operational requirements. CMT has facilitated this process for numerous airports on a long-term basis, allowing us to hone our capabilities and provide you with a CIP that specifically addresses your needs, while maximizing your resources.

Rehabilitation & Repair of Deteriorated Airfield Pavements
CMT offers you in-house capabilities to design all aspects of airfield improvements at busy airports. You’ll receive high-quality plans and specifications for the design and rehabilitation of your runway, taxiway, apron, and roadway projects.

Our award-winning airfield design experience includes plans and specifications for both PCC and bituminous pavement, airfield geometry, airfield grades and cross sections, surface drainage and stormwater collection, underdrains, pavement marking, visual NAVAIDs, airfield lighting, utilities, structures, SWPPP, phasing, and construction activity plans. CMT has performed this work at all classifications of airports and for all sizes of aircraft.


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